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          25 kg /袋。

    L-Threonine (Feed Grade)

    Product Description

    L-threonine is one of the essential amino acids. Not only is it necessary for the protein synthesis, also it plays an important role in protecting the intestinal barrier function. It is the second restrictive amino acid for pig diet, and the third restrictive amino acids for poultry diet. As lysine products are widely used in compound feed, threonine has gradually become the main amino acid affecting the livestock and poultry production performance. After adding lysine into the low protein diet, threonine became the first restrictive amino acid for growing pig. With the development and improvement of livestock's health breeding technology, threonine is increasingly widely used in the feed of poultry, shrimp and eel. 

    Quality Standard

    This product is white or pale brown crystal or crystal powder and it tastes sweet. It is soluble in water, insolubles in methanol, ether and chloroform. It has optical activity. Specific technical indexes and standards for this product are as follows:



    Directly added to the feed and mixed evenly. Suggested dosage is ≤0.8%.

    Storage condition

    Stored in a ventilated, dry, shady and cool place. Do not store it together with items that are poisonous, harmful or with peculiar smell.

    Expiration date

    36 months from the date of manufacturing.

    Package specification

    25 kg/bag

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